Software Developer at Ignis
Location: Waterloo, On - Ontario, Canada
Salary range: $$$
Number of Reviews: 2
Popularity on RateMyCoopJob: 239 clicks
Job Description: Windows application development base on C# .net framework for front end. C++ development for back end
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"Company does a lot to build moral, with events and free food. Fun atmosphere though it is cubicle style work space, comfortable and easy to ask questions. Just ask for more work or guidance when needed and you'll succeed in learning lots, its a "no question is a dumb question" environment. They asked me what I wanted to work on and learn more about i.e. more C++ programming over C# etc. I really enjoyed my time at the company and learnt lots."

6 months ago

Based on $920/week
"Pros: Colleagues is very willing to help you. Cons: 1. Low salary $21/hour 2. The technology is out of date 3. The most important, the manager is tough for evaluation Software team manger complain the “productivity” in my first month, to University without any communication with me. I was expect to finish a task in one week, which finally committed with three thousand lines. Even though in next three months I try to complete the task he assigned on time, by working 10 hours a day, I still got first “very good” in my work history."

9 months ago

Based on $800/week