Engineering Specialist at Toyota Motor Manufacturing Inc.
Location: Cambridge, On, Canada
Salary range: $$$$
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Job Description: Junior manufacturing engineer in a department (Assembly, paint, plastics, press, weld) - Process Development of Toyota or Lexus vehicles - Aid engineers to continuously improve vehicle production - Lead and supervise contractor work - Complete a TBP
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"Personally one of my favourite co-ops because of the amount of work you can do. TMMC always ensures high quality vehicles and as a coop you will definitely see how important they regard this by the work you do. This company allows the co-ops to lead projects and you get to learn a lot of important skills for the future (Solidworks, AutoCAD, Catia, etc.) You lead a lot of weekend jobs, (you probably heard about the overtime thing in TMMC, well its sort of true) However, I've seen numerous co-ops who work normal 40 hour weeks. It is up to YOU if you want to work long hours and weekends and no one is going to force you, but once you start getting busy, you will really enjoy working and getting paid :)."

7 months ago

Based on $1200/week