Software Development Intern at Zynga Inc.
Location: San Francisco, Ca, Us
Salary range: $$$$
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Job Description: Zynga's software engineers don't just develop some of the world's largest games, they deliver some of the world's largest infrastructures. Our software engineers are blazing trails in all facets of game design, web technologies, and massive scalability. Like other companies facing explosive growth, Zynga faces a number of challenges—but many are unique to our situation: the large data requirements of online gaming require us to continually push boundaries to discover the best solutions. Zynga software engineers are willing to pick up any of the languages, technologies, or methodologies necessary to smite a challenge—and if a conventional solution doesn't exist, they innovate as necessary. Our software engineers are comfortable moving betwee
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"Getting the good out of the way: some of the coolest people I've worked with, and their free food is actually really good. Really low pay (this was in the W2010 term, I've heard it has risen dramatically since then) and the HR team is actually the most unprofessional and disorganized team I've had to deal with. The work itself was fairly uninteresting, mostly being really short-lived projects designed to scrape money away from people, usually by introducing some new item or slightly modifying an existing one. Little chance of advancement and, while I didn't experience it myself, it seems like the atmosphere is poisonous for permanent employees (working too much, little reward, being blamed for anything that goes wrong."

about 8 years ago

Based on $1050/week