Math Resource Assistant at Mohawk College Of Applied Arts & Technology
Location: Hamilton, ON, Canada
Salary range: $$
Number of Reviews: 2
Popularity on RateMyCoopJob: 1343 clicks
Job Description: Sit at a desk helping college students with a variety of math.
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"I really enjoyed working in the Math Resource Centre. In fact, it's why I decided to pursue teaching as a career. Despite some mundane administrative tasks, the drop-in style of tutoring kept me busy and engaged. It was rewarding to share my knowledge of math with the students and to help them enjoy math a little more. The centre director is very friendly, as are all the full-time staff and students. A great first co-op job!"

over 7 years ago

Based on $525/week
"The job is extremely boring. Most students want help with trivial math like adding fractions. About 1% of the students ever asks anything remotely challenging. The college takes the approach of teaching with formula sheets. Often students will say the phrase "I don't understand what you did. Can you just tell me which formula you used?" No one is really interested in learning anything, they just want to get the answer and be done with it. Students are generally polite about it. The manager micromanages every part of the math learning center as if her entire life work is in that place. On my work report she wrote I need to learn to enjoy mundane tasks. This job is only good for first co-op term. Should be 1 star but +1 for the hot girls! =D"

almost 8 years ago

Based on $525/week