Manufacturing Engineering Co-op at Faurecia Automotive Seating
Location: Bradford, Ontartio, Canada
Salary range: $$
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Job Description: The job description was too big to fit, but the comments explain well why it shouldnt be here.
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"Recruited me and 10 other co-ops as Manufacturing Engineers. Split us up into different departments, some as legit Manufacturing Engineers, others as testers and some as Logistics staff. Very unorganized system of working. Nothing on the job description was related to my job. Most people are not friendly and keep conversation to a minimum. Typical factory-like atmosphere. Getting there is a challenge using public transit. Housing in the area is very expensive. People in the company very unhelpful and don't care about you. Interns earn more than regular staff, even for factory jobs. No perks, other than getting a free hardhat and gloves. The only positive thing about this job was the knowledge I gained about Welds."

over 7 years ago

Based on $500/week