Software Developer Intern at Hulu
Location: Los Angeles, California, Usa
Salary range: $$$$$
Number of Reviews: 2
Popularity on RateMyCoopJob: 1639 clicks
Job Description: You work under a designated mentor for the work term for either the DevOps, Site, Metrics, Content, Payments, Ads, or Mobile team. One-on-one meetings are arranged every week to gauge your progress through the term, as well as the progress of your projects. In the end, you present to the dev team the projects you've worked on throughout the term.
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"Overall company culture is pretty awesome. Hulu also now provides free corporate housing to its interns which is just down the street from the office. Most things about the job were awesome, although I personally didn't like the work I was given."

over 5 years ago

Based on $1575/week
"Hulu implements an entrepreneurial environment, so everyone is pretty relaxed, casual, and friendly to one another. If you're doing a summer internship, Hulu also arranges several "Intern Outings," which are pretty fun, and allow you to get to now the other interns better. Also, if you're having a summer internship, you get to see interns from American universities, allowing you to learn more about how their schools and students fare against yours, too. The work, itself, is cool, too, since they let you work on projects that will be used for the site or the company right away when they're done. You'll pretty much lead these projects you're given during your time at Hulu, and thus, the amount of power you have with your work is nice, too."

over 7 years ago

Based on $1200/week