Web Application Programmer at Ontario Ministry Of Education
Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Salary range: $$$
Number of Reviews: 1
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Job Description: Create applications for ministries serving the Ontario Ministry of Education. Despite what the job title says, though, you spend most of your time doing QA.
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"Supervisor has really bad e-mailing etiquette...as in, he doesn't respond to them, or reads them once every few days (if you're lucky). The workflow was also pretty slow; for example, one of my projects was stalled for about 2 months because my supervisor wasn't given any further instructions on it for so long. You get to work with a little bit of C#, HTML, and javascript, but you'll probably spend most of your time doing QA work. It was pretty boring, and for me, frustrating, since I wasn't allowed to do much."

over 7 years ago

Based on $720/week