Software Development Engineer In Test at Microsoft
Location: Shinagawa, Tokyo, Japan
Salary range: $$$$$
Number of Reviews: 3
Popularity on RateMyCoopJob: 2178 clicks
Job Description: Designing and writing test code and tools for existing and new software.
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"I've worked as and SDET for multiple terms, and have enjoyed it every single time here. Microsoft knows how to treat their interns well with tons of events and free swag, and the actual work I've done has been very challenging and enjoyable. I would strongly recommend working at least one term at Microsoft, although the summertime is definitely the best time to be there since they hold a large number of intern events for the almost 2000 interns who are there in the summer."

over 5 years ago

Based on $1850/week
"+ Free Windows Phone 8 (company gift 2012) + Free Surface (company gift) + Free Laptop (intern gift) + Free drinks + Parking + Corporate housing + Paid rental car + Treated like a full-time - Lots of meetings (project) - Lots of politics"

over 5 years ago

Based on $1600/week
"Was completely spoiled by the company in pretty much every way. Work was sometimes ok, but much of the time frustrating. Seattle was amazing though, and the benefits plus location made up for most frustrations."

over 7 years ago

Based on $1500/week