Software Tools Developer at Research In Motion
Location: Waterloo, Ontario, Canada
Salary range: $$$$
Number of Reviews: 4
Popularity on RateMyCoopJob: 2177 clicks
Job Description: Develop software tools either for automated testing or other functionality.
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"The work is not very challenging/varied after the first 2 months, but my team was really nice and I was doing basically the same things as the full timers. Learned a decent amount from them."

about 6 years ago

Based on $800/week
"I was in Calibration Scripts and Algorithms team (CSA). People are nice and the environment is good. The down side is you work on a side project which is a tool used by other people. Never involved in their core projects. For 4 months, felt bored."

over 6 years ago

Based on $835/week
"1. They DONT let co-ops to join their regular meeting. Only very long-term co-ops and full-timers are invited. 2. The people I worked with, is really an asshole. From the very first day he NEVER talk to me voluntarily, and never invites me to coffee nor any conversation they have. He rarely cared about how my work had been doing and almost never gave feedback. But other people in our team are fairly nice. I'm not saying RIM is not good. But just don't go to BBSE, which is my team. Thank"

over 6 years ago

Based on $1080/week
"Really awesome work term. Learned a lot, they tell you to do something and it's up to you how to implement it so you have freedom to learn and to do it your way, as long as it works out."

over 7 years ago

Based on $1300/week