Financial Risk Management at Milliman Llc
Location: Chicago, Illinois, Usa
Salary range: $$$$
Number of Reviews: 1
Popularity on RateMyCoopJob: 1200 clicks
Job Description: Actuarial position Ad hoc excel vba macro requests. Client conference calls, Performance Attribution (PA) reports, nightly valuations on trading grids. I coded an economic scenario generator during my term (to produce equity funds, bond funds, and treasury rates, 10000 scenarios over 30 years of projection using a stochastic log volatility process).
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"Tonnes of very interesting work, and this isn't even halfway in to my term yet! The description is actually what I've done, as I don't have the job description handy. DEFINITELY take this job if you get the chance, exceptional work. Only downsides are no holidays in winter term (although got paid for Jan 1!, holidays in summer would include memorial day and one other I think, winter has 2 days for thanksgiving and one other I think). Very flexible hours though, always allowed to work an extra 7.5 hours whenever you want in order to take a day off, or work a few hours extra to leave early to catch a flight for the weekend or something. Most interesting work I could imagine, I can't stress enough how awesome this job has been so far!"

almost 7 years ago

Based on $956/week