Software Developer at Intel
Location: Waterloo, On, Canada
Salary range: $$$
Number of Reviews: 1
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Job Description: Intel Waterloo is a group of software developers all contributing to or extending LLVM. Our work ranges from adding parallelism extensions to the Clang frontend, to adding upcoming hardware features to the x86 backend, to enabling the LLDB debugger on Linux.
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"The Waterloo office of Intel was originally RapidMind but was bought out by Intel in 2009, therefore the team is relatively small (~20 people). The developers aren't doing anything terribly exciting since the office right now is only involved in the LLVM open source project. Since this project doesn't earn Intel any money, managers have trouble relating the contributions to LLVM to Intel's business goals. That being said, I did learn A LOT about open source contributions and compilers in general. This is a nice place to work if you want to relax after finishing a co-op at a demanding startup, but if you're seeking some sort of excitement look elsewhere. Perks: Free drinks (coffee, tea, juice, pop) and fresh fruits."

over 6 years ago

Based on $675/week