Research Assistant at Health Canada
Location: Ottawa, Ontario, Canada
Salary range: $$
Number of Reviews: 2
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Job Description: Responsibilties include assisting research, has work with air quality control.
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"Primarily office work and helping clean the rooms. Was told "competitive" salary in interview but ended up getting minimum wage. Very unprofessional supervisors. You're pretty much going to be used as free labour. You won't learn much from this position. Nobody wants to take responsibility and the full-time workers clearly just want to get in and out as quickly as possible. It's all trial and error work. They won't trust you at all and you'll be given no respect at all. The people are like cavemen who know nothing about technology. If you want to give a supportive idea to improve performance I can guarantee you'll be shot down in seconds. Extremely harsh work environment; the managers here make Ramsey Snow look like Ned Stark."

almost 5 years ago

Based on $410/week
"Very nice people."

over 6 years ago

Based on $540/week