Software Architect/designer at Marsh Canada Limited
Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Salary range: $$$
Number of Reviews: 1
Popularity on RateMyCoopJob: 1005 clicks
Job Description: Make minor changes to existing infrastructure, whether it be bug fixes or changes at the request of business. Develop small applications that get integrated to the larger structure. Primarily Java. XSLT and XML are also used widely.
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"Company is bad at time management. There were weeks when I would stay overtime every day, and weeks where I would sit at my desk doing nothing. Attempting to contact supervisors/coworkers leads to "I'm busy right now, can we talk later?" about half the time. Projects are rarely fulfilling, and others take credit for your work. Corporate environment is stifling and dull. You are a cog in a vast machine. The pay's not bad, but I would not recommend the job."

about 6 years ago

Based on $750/week