Frimware Engineer at Sandvine
Location: Waterloo, On, Canada
Salary range: $$$$
Number of Reviews: 1
Popularity on RateMyCoopJob: 1205 clicks
Job Description: C/C++ dev on FreeBSD and Linux, on the Policy Traffic Switch platform
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"First, let me say that I find the technology and field Sandvine is in to be incredibly interesting. The perks and pay are also very good for Waterloo, and all the people were quite friendly. I was given options on what I would like to work on, and allowed to choose what interested me most. Everyone's experience here might not be the same in this regard, I guess it depends on your manager. The work here was quite challenging and fast paced. I definitely improved my programming skills at Sandvine more than I have at any other co-op position."

about 6 years ago

Based on $1000/week