Php Engineer/developer (software Developer) at Mercatus Technologies Inc.
Location: Toronto, On, Canada
Salary range: $$$
Number of Reviews: 1
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Job Description: Responsibilities: - Build scalable PHP applications (both client-side and RESTful API) - Demonstrate DBMS skills with MySQL to develop schema, write queries and stored procedures - Develop unit tests and integrate projects with our continuous integration systems - Participate in optimization through code audits, refactoring, caching, architecture changes Requirements: - Practical experience developing with PHP 5+/Apache and MySQL in a production environment - Experience building RESTful API - Unix shell scripting and ability to navigate effectively in a *NIX environment - Source control with Subversion (or another common code repository) - Use of bug tracking software - Understanding of the HTTP protocol, including authorizati
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"Great place to work at. You are treated like any other full time employee. You are able to contribute to production code from week one.I learnt a lot in terms of technical knowledge and also enjoyed it. The culture is great too, there's weekly poker games, beer tasting, etc. and people are fun to work with."

about 6 years ago

Based on $700/week