Location: Fort Macmurray, Ab, Canana
Salary range: $$$$$
Number of Reviews: 2
Popularity on RateMyCoopJob: 1033 clicks
Job Description: Responsible for tracking financial aspects of the work, but really you are doing payroll. You also take care of a lot of the small things at the office like orders. No actual field work.
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"The money is great for a coop position, but the downfall is living north of Fort McMurray. Camp accommodations are provided, but the quality varies at each camp. You aren't too close to town, so you just stay in the camp after work. Warning: some camps do not have internet or tv. Great for a first or second coop, but I would not suggest going to this position once you have relevant job experience."

over 5 years ago

Based on $1500/week
"You work two weeks on, one off, 10 hours a day. So pay listed above is based a 7 day work week (we got $21-$25 per hour). You stay in camp and get a truck so you can go into town if you want. Best part is that there is a huge amount of trust and responsibility in the job, but its not exciting work. You have to do roughly the same thing every day, so there are tight deadlines to get work done. I actually enjoyed it, but its not for everyone, nor would I go back. 4 months is enough."

almost 6 years ago

Based on $2125/week