Q/a Analyst at Conceptwave Software Inc.
Location: Mississauga, On, Canada
Salary range: $$
Number of Reviews: 3
Popularity on RateMyCoopJob: 1389 clicks
Job Description: -Testing their in-house built software, some are automated, while some require manual work. -Writing documentations -Bug tracking -Generating and delivering product licenses
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"Nothing exceptional. Some of the full-time developers are very rude and treat co-op students like a bunch of retards. Job can become quite boring and repetitive after time. A good learning curve but definitely not something you would enjoy doing for the rest of your life."

almost 8 years ago

Based on $600/week
"Worst co-op ever. Most of their testing was manual. Everyday was the same routine - really boring. Work involved mainly comparing if the actual result matched expected results. Wasn't allowed to talk in the office because the fulltime devs would complain. Job interview made this co-op job seem awesome but its not - I would not recommend this as a co-op job to anyone!"

over 8 years ago

Based on $640/week
"A good place to start for CS and software engineering students, or anybody interested in the IT industry."

over 8 years ago

Based on $640/week