Fixed Income Trading Analyst at Barclays Capital
Location: New York, Ny, Usa
Salary range: $$$$$
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Job Description: We are looking for a self-motivated, enthusiastic student to assist the Fixed Income Trading desks at our office in New York. The role of the student will be highly quantitative and technical. Tasks and projects include assisting senior traders in daily market making activity; developing trading analytics for security analysis, risk monitoring and position hedging; modeling dynamic investment strategies designed to enhance portfolio returns, and using statistical packages to analyze financial time series. Characteristics of a successful candidate include interest in the financial markets, ability to work in a team environment, aptitude to deliver results under stressful conditions and tight deadlines, and willingness to live abroad. Knowled
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"Fetching food and coffee was mundane, although the desk pays for your meals. The coolest part was networking with traders and salespeople all over the bank and watching the trading action."

almost 6 years ago

Based on $1300/week