Business Intelligence Implementation Consultant at Mi9 Business Intelligence Inc
Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Salary range: $$$
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Job Description: As a BI Implementation consultant, you will join an exciting, dynamic team at MI9 and assist with developing MI9's Data Warehouse and Business Intelligence product. Job Responsibilities -Participate in designing, enhancing, developing, and maintaining the data warehouse and in house SQL ETL Programs. -Participate in new client implementations, creating custom ETL and modifying the data warehouse per individual client requirements. -Support the data warehouse/BI systems of existing clients. -Optimize BI SQL queries and tune the database to best support the in house ETL and BI toolset. Required Skills -Working towards a university degree in Computer Science/Math/Engineering or a related field. -Knowledge of Microsoft SQL Server 2008
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"Pros: Full-timers are all young and really laid back (quite a few UW grads), Close to Fairview Mall, Close to the Subway line (Don Mills station), Salary is slightly above the average listed with CECA Cons: No benefits plan for co-ops, Not located downtown, Small office The job itself is great if you've just taken a Database course. You're writing a lot of SQL queries and get to learn a decent amount about Data Warehousing. Full-timers are really helpful; there's always meaningful work to do as long as you ask. They don't hand you "busy" work."

over 5 years ago

Based on $700/week