Mobile Robotics Software Developer at Clearpath Robotics
Location: Waterloo, Ontario (on), Canada
Salary range: $$$
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Job Description: You will assist in the customization, testing, and troubleshooting of whatever we're building. This will range from expanding on our unit test coverage to doing field testing of our newest generation of unmanned ground vehicle. You may be required to take robots for walks, and are able to cope with the questioning stares of onlookers. Additional tasks may include: Hacking/testing/writing drivers for new sensors and actuators. Developing simulation setups for our platforms Test plan development and implementation Developing “marketing-ready” demo setups and documentation
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"Treated like a full time. They give you a good sized project and let you go. Also great people and a company moving in the right direction."

almost 5 years ago

Based on $860/week