Process And Sterilization Validation at Apotex Inc
Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Salary range: $
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Job Description: Proccesses using excel
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"Strangely enough, the below poster has it right. The practices at apotex are atrocius. If you want to get your foot into the pharmaceuticals industry, try another company - apotex is pretty much the "jane and finch" of pharmaceutical companies. Just now they were sued over phoney birth control pills. When it comes to important aspects of life such as basic health and safety, apotex is the company that will try to take shortcuts. With respect to the co-op work, it was pretty much being stuck on a computer copying and pasting excel formulas. No human interaction except with other co-ops. Since we had to email updates, I made them in advance using Excel and showed up late each day! You'll learn nothing!"

about 4 years ago

Based on $410/week
"I wouldn't recommend this position. There is a great deal of workplace politics and a clear power struggle between different teams, with nobody wanting to accomplish tasks within deadlines or even take any form of responsibility. The work is extremely mundane. I was told to copy and paste cells in Excel for 8 hours each day. I provided alternate solutions such that they wouldn't have to hire co-op students working exclusively with Excel, but they wouldn't hear it. I simply made a macro to finish four months of work within a few minutes at the click of a button. When I asked for other work, I was told there was nothing else available. If you love Excel and workplace politics, I would strongly suggest working here."

over 4 years ago

Based on $400/week