Engineering Co-op Student (production) at Apotex Inc
Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Salary range: $$
Number of Reviews: 2
Popularity on RateMyCoopJob: 1511 clicks
Job Description: Working on the production floor in Apotex.
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"Acceptable training. Poor corporate culture. Poor management. Politically charged atmosphere. Manipulative leadership. Gained all I could in the first 1 month, spent 3 months figuring out how I ended up there."

over 4 years ago

Based on $700/week
"Extremely disrespectful people with loads of fighting between co-workers. Supervisors and co-workers are extremely difficult to get along with. You will be treated like a slave and they will expect you to magically perform ten hours' worth of work within an hour. There is 'special work' (very menial work) prepared exclusively for the co-op students. The work is very awful, typically copy/pasting work and manual data entry (I suggested obtaining a data acquisition device, but was told it was cheaper to hire students). When you attempt to explain simple concepts to your supervisor, such as intrinsic error in an experiment, they'll always play the blame game on the co-op student even though you had no chance of succeeding from the beginning."

over 5 years ago

Based on $415/week