Sales Assistant at Hts Engineering
Location: Kitchener, Ontario, Canada
Salary range: $$$
Number of Reviews: 1
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Job Description: HTS Engineering is one of the largest independent Commercial and Industrial HVAC manufacturer's representatives in North America, founded 20 years ago by a small group of young Canadian engineering graduates. Many of the 400+ current employees across the 7 Canadian and 8 US offices interned as co-op students at HTS, and many are graduates of the University of Waterloo. The success and current dominance of HTS in the HVAC market results from the ability of its talented employees to take care of customers and deliver success at a level matched by no other competitor. HTS is the HVAC "Go-to" company for owners, developers, consulting engineers and contractors to ensure a successful construction project. HTS values its long term relationsh
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"Summary: It was mediocre Details: They have a bunch of offices all over Ontario, so I imagine experiences across varying offices will be different. The work definitely felt like something a jr. engineering student would be given. Not very difficult, but very little to do. I was bored most of the time and tried to come up with things to occupy my time. It seems every regional office has one really difficult person to work with, mine was not exception. Definitely interesting to try sales, but not where I would want to spend the rest of my life. If you're just looking for a bland job in KW, go for it. If you have experience in other things and want something challenging or interesting - beware. Also their scheme for term evaluations are low."

over 4 years ago

Based on $920/week