Engineering Intern at Canada Robotix
Location: Markham, Ontario, Canada
Salary range: $$
Number of Reviews: 1
Popularity on RateMyCoopJob: 610 clicks
Job Description: Doing mostly arduino related things. And a lot more.
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"10/10 sick job, you get to do pretty much everything, from making custom arduino projects, playing raspberry pi and beaglebones, using ANY arduino shields/parts that they sell (they pretty much have everything), to laying out custom arduino PCBs (embedded), coding custom minecraft games and playing it with makeymakey, coding applications, IoT, repairing iRobot vacuums, building chairs and desks with machinery tools, cnc machines, soldering, you just learn so much from this job that will benefit you a lot in the long run. It would be great if you could speak cantonese as most of the sales there speak cantonese, but the employer speaks english, and you rarely see the sales as you will be working mostly alone"

over 4 years ago

Based on $600/week