Product Manager Intern at Zynga
Location: Toronto, On, Canada
Salary range: $$$$
Number of Reviews: 1
Popularity on RateMyCoopJob: 1029 clicks
Job Description: You manage one of Toronto's 3 Zynga games.
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"Good: Great pay, free lunch and breakfast everyday, there's games laying around to play anytime. No dress code, everyone's very relaxed, happy hour on Fridays. Learned a lot as it was my first PM role, you have a lot of actual responsibility (if you ask) that maintains the improves the game you're working on. You get to work between many different disciplines/teams. Bad: Office politics got scary at times. Made me understand the importance of not only good tangible perks, but emotional/comfort level within an organization. Would not return."

about 4 years ago

Based on $1160/week