Software Development Intern at Ncr
Location: Waterloo, On, Canada
Salary range: $$$
Number of Reviews: 3
Popularity on RateMyCoopJob: 896 clicks
Job Description: Work on stories and fixing the bugs.
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"Overall it's not bad. People are super nice to each other, but mostly I implemented business logics in a made-up language."

10 months ago

Based on $750/week
"Hired as a developer but spent most of my time testing. They are very cheap (low pay, and no free coffee!). It was very unrewarding. Please work elsewhere."

about 2 years ago

Based on $750/week
"The area is kind of like a giant warehouse. It's quite grey and dull while the work is mostly financial stuff which is kind of boring. There isn't too much to do so the job can be considered low stress but learning happens fairly slowly as a result so take initiative."

about 4 years ago

Based on $875/week