Tax Accountant at Softron Tax
Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Salary range: $
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Job Description: Received one month formal training on personal income taxes. Worked directly with clients to prepare personal tax returns using Taxprep.
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"First month training's salary: $500 ONLY The training location is in Mississauga. Only at that location and must attend. You do not get to choose which office you get to work at. You'll know which office you will work at on the last day of training. You do not work everyday during the busy season especially during February and March and you could be only working 3 days and 3 hours for these 3 days. University of Waterloo co-op student: $14.50/ hr Seneca College co-op student: $13.50/ hr Benefit: You could file your tax return there for free. Trade off: They'll have your personal information (i.e., income)"

over 3 years ago

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