Administrator / Bookkeeper at Core Tool Technologies
Location: Kitchener, On, Canada
Salary range: $$
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Job Description: This position is a diverse learning experience covering many aspects of bookkeeping, inventory, and purchasing Job Duties: - maintain receivables and payables - receive products and repairs from vendors and ship to customers - manage and reconcile business bank and credit card accounts - manage phone lines, emails, and be the first contact in the office - utilize tool catalogues to locate pricing - manage inventory control and track shipments in and out of office - identify opportunities for enhancements and efficiencies in fulfillment processes and product flow Minimum requirements: Microsoft Excel/Word, Customer service experience, Experience with Simply Accounting, QuickBooks or another computerized accounting software. Knowledge of
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"Worst coop job ever, don't take it even if you are desperate. Interview is ~4 hour at their office. The company only has 1 other employee (your supervisor) who only works part time, so you are expected to be in the office by yourself a lot of time. There is always so much work to do and you'll never get it finished in time. You literally have to run the company all by yourself, you are customer service, sales, shipping and receiving... etc. There is nothing valuable you can learn from this position. Half of their coops all quite on them in the middle of coop. They are also stingy with their ratings (terrible evaluation grade I took this job as my first coop because I was desperate, would have been better if I didn't take the job at all"

over 3 years ago

Based on $490/week