Software Developer at Autodesk
Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Salary range: $$$$
Number of Reviews: 2
Popularity on RateMyCoopJob: 618 clicks
Job Description: Using Javascript to build 3D modelling API.
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"Went there for my 2nd coop. Best I could ask for. People are great. Considered like a full timer! New generative design office in MaRS which has events going on almost everyday. If you set your own goals, you can work for great projects, Personally did full stack Javascript. Perks: Weekly parties, outdoor intern events."

about 2 years ago

Based on $850/week
"I worked here for my 2B co-op term and enjoyed a lot! They hire 15+ coop students not only from Waterloo but from different schools so good change to socialize. The location is making it easy for you to enjoy / explore Toronto. Mostly work with 3D modelling, so if you are interested in that area, you might want to check this place out. Atompsphere is very chill.. and relaxed. Downside is you need at least Master's to get a full-time job here.. so if you are thinking of coming back, have that in mind."

over 2 years ago

Based on $1000/week